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brap2: P4-1.7GHz, 1024M/DDR, 6x60G ATA/100 disks in RAID5 via a Promise SX6000, 1x60G ATA/100 for /, /var, etc, 2xDEC Tulip 10/100 cards. This is the new machine that is replacing a P166 w/256M, 3x2G IDE disks, and 1xNE2k 10BT card.

My BMW 330Ci
My 1988 BMW 325iX coupe - exterior photos.
My 1988 BMW 325iX coupe - interior photos.
Sheepskin seats in the 325iX

Death Valley Vacation

The Drive In
Day Two: Zabriske Point (48 photos)
Day Three: Sunrise at Zabriske Point
Videos of Parump, Furnace Creek Inn Ranch/Resort, Zabriske Point, and the Porsche Boxster S

Las Vegas Vacation
The (Few) Photos of Las Vegas, since the other ones were damaged/b0rked. Mleh.
Videos of Las Vegas, The Bellagio Fountains, The Venetian, the Strip from a helicopter, and The Little A'Le'Inn in Rachel, Nevada.

MAINE VACATION - 2004-09-17 - 2004-09-26
Rental Apartment and Outside the Rental Apartment
Jake The Dog and LL Bean
Acadia National Park, set 1
Acadia National Park, set 2
Acadia National Park, set 3
Acadia National Park, set 4
Acadia National Park, set 5
Acadia National Park: Cadillac Mountain
Acadia National Park: Thunder Hole
Whale Watching

My house in Gold Canyon, Arizona
Pre-move in (part 1/2)
Pre-move in (part 2/2)
My drive to Arizona
Getting moved in (part 1/2)
Getting moved in (part 2/2)
Family room set up (tv, couch, recliner, etc
Computer room set up (since moved)
New computer room

    Master Bathroom
    Master Bedroom

Pergo flooring installation
    Master Bedroom (17x15)
    Guest bedroom 1 aka kitty room (12x10)
    Guest bedroom 2 aka grey room (12x10)
    Front room
    Computer room

New Backyard!: Pavered (totally a word) walkway to astromology area & eating place

VLA and Pie Town, New Mexico

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