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My House in Gold Canyon (Other Photos)


Facing the desert preserve at the end of the cul-de-sac, which is 2 houses away


Again showing the little-to-no maintenance front yard and garage


The bay window is for the master bedroom. They're taking the swing, but I may make an offer on it since I kinda like it. The dish conveys. The patio is really nice -- large enough for a table and chairs and a grill, which I'll need to buy. Finally I'll have a grill!

Kitchen/Family Room

The walls aren't really as red as they appear here... they're more of a burnt orange color which is suited to the southwest. I'd repaint anyway, though. At left is the pantry (nearly walk-in), fridge (conveys), nuker (conveys), oven and range, island with two sinks (not very deep though). To the right is the eat-in part of the kitchen. Foreground is the family room, which is carpeted. The kitchen, as you can see, is tile.

Family Room

Facing the backyard, back to the 'formal dining room'. They've got a 48" TV, so the room is big enough for the 50-52" HDTVs that I've been looking at. The red/burnt orange wall has a plant shelf on top, which is kinda neat. The ceiling is around 9'.

Master bedroom

No photos can do justice to this monstrosity of a room. Measuring 17x15, it's one of the largest rooms in the whole house. The ceiling is 9' and vaulted. That's a king-sized bed there, although I mistook it for a queen since it's really dwarfed in the room. To the right is the walk-in bathroom, which is pictured next. There's a little alcove thingy to the left where they have a stereo system set up.

Master bathroom

Separate shower and tub. The door is actually the door to the closet-like shitter. Thankfully there's a fan in there, else I'd probably kill myself. Dual sinks, too. Neat. To the right is the walk-in closet. Kinda nifty that it's off of the bathroom.

Family Room/Kitchen (part deux)

Neat little breakfast bar.

Formal Dining Room

This is another huge room. To the left you can just make out the foyer and front door. There's also a mini-room off of this with french doors on it. Technically it's a bedroom, but it's pretty small.

Front & Side Yard

The fence door on the right leads to the gauntlet.

Front yard

Kiddie Bathroom

About the size of my bathroom now. Sadly, the teddy bear shower curtain doesn't convey.

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