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The Python scripts below are what I and a few others use for torrenting Linux ISOs. Combined they offer 90% of the functionality in Azureus without the Java overhead, and coming in at around 1200 lines of code. Some scripts make use of PythonUtils PythonUtils is no longer used due to the author not writing valid code (eg 'os.apth.isdir()') and not testing things before he distributes them.

See all the scripts in subversion.

README.txt: Documentation. You should probably read this, hence the name. RSS feed monitoring. Will download a torrent based on expressed interests (regular expressions stored in a text file).

cleartorrents: Clears a torrent from a user's ~/torrents.list file (maintained by 'stop', below). Appends downloaded torrent to ~/.fetched_files, moves 'expired' torrent to expired directory (defined in, below) Setup module for everything, lots of defines and shared function calls.

findexpired: Finds and removes expired (> 15 day old, configurable) torrents. Should be run from root's crontab.

launchmanyxml: Custom front-end for LaunchMany, this emits XML and keeps track of upload/download stats in a DBM file.

printlink: Allows users to download a torrent without stopping it via the use of hardlinks.

showdownloads: Shows what's being downloaded by others.

htmld: Generates a webpage showing what's being downloaded, speeds, ratio, etc.

start: Starts torrents. Keeps track of torrent hashes that have been downloaded and won't process them without forcing (-f flag) the download. Can also fetch from URLs provided users have a Netscape-compatible cookies file.

stop: Stops torrents. Can also pause (-p/--pause) torrents or flat out delete torrents (-d/--delete flag). Will escape unsafe shell characters for automation purposes, appends torrent name to ~/torrents.list for automation purposes. Client-side script that will download torrents from one machine to another. Calls cleartorrents on each torrent it processes.

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