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Numb's Lyrics - Death On The Installment Plan: Headcrash
raised it's head with mine tonight fist through the mirror
fight and flight justice invades my dreams justice invades my
dreams headcrash cracked wall solitude headcrash headcrash
jagged fragments headcrash headcrash internecine destiny
liberate the last gasp variants and vestigals carrion and cash
walls close in but walls can bleed walls close in I can make
walls bled headcrash terrorvision screech headcrash headcrash
turn it off headcrash headcrash caress of fear I am the deus
irae mind turns inside out I watch from far away hooks in deep
in death is sleep hooks in deep pray for death and sleep
ethical quest to nail what's best to a cross so it can't escape
bliss entains closed eyes talltales consciousness is raped
bovine stares fat and scared cannibal leeches shark bait mask
wound tight to task tearing down all in my reach headcrash face
of broken glass headcrash headcrash vomit hate headcrash

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