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Numb's Lyrics - Death On The Installment Plan: Curse
All cost a secret held so tight the eye is a camera in the sky
diverge schizophrenic intent burial claiming innocence betrayed
a necrotizing crawl condemned guiltyof it all buy god a
labyrinth of fate my hell is a place where theres no pain
pedantic automata pristine voodoo doll civarious sonata
campiric protocol feast on bloody dogma demanding sacrifice
what is not a problem fully automatic right curse thy kingdom
come curse thy will be done curse on heaven and earth curse for
all youre worth black box turns on what is left das nichts
dissolving in the depths remains inconsequential dreams the
theme variations on a scream curse curse thy kingdom come come
curse thy will is done curse heaven and earth curse for all its
worth virtual burning at the stake ritual a vision forsakes
bastion a cell without a key question burn it up with me invest
in vestments i trust closed doors denial and disgust trembling
fending off the night naive there is no respite zero summing
holy parts dismembered and scattered what is is manifest as
scars remembered and shattered ascending signs are posted a
storm of ash and dust prophets dial up ghosts the alchemy of
rust curst thy kingdome come curse thy will be done curse on
heaven and earth curse for all youre worth curse.

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