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Mid-level manager
                    Says he heard about
                    Some mulatto girl
                    Shot him in the mouth
                    And left him a hotel
                    Near the mid-south offices
                    He worked in distribution,
                    Regional vice-president
                    Collapse, unload it, pop! pop!
                    I must accumulate, unload it,
                    Pop! Pop! I must accumulate
                    Well the soil is rich
                    Competition fat
                    Ripe and vulnerable
                    Oozing from the slats
                    And too cash-heavy, bloated
                    Sitting there all puckered up
                    Index of numbers is
                    Scrolling upscreen, scrolling up
                    Smash it down to digits
                    Gut it out and break it down
                    Liquid assets are
                    Seeping down, seeping down now
                    Seeping down, seeping down now.

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