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            Spahn Dirge

            Anisa Azul (

            ?hate you? ?dream sees? ??? darken ??? if he were to come
            back and see he'll find a world ??? all i want is a ??? all i
            want is to ??? she's such a sweet thing no time to wonder ???
            what's your name what's your name what's your name what's
            your game ??? locked out in the ?house? envision back ??? t
            all is this ??? calling back to my bedroom eyes see ??? feel
            safe where is m friend no more time to play alone ??? ?spahn
            dirge? ??? ?watch this way? ??? ?in the vein? ??? I came
            close ??? 1993 that's when we'll all be free it wil it will
            overcome me back in 1993 ??? you had to find an assignment in
            1971 b now it's time to be free in 1993 ??? who is you're
            releaser 1969 was fine bu 1999 will find us and make us climb
            to higher vines time ??? go to chicago p on the breaks we'll
            in ??? has anyone seen the confounded bitch ??? oh my go
            ain't ??? gravy daisy's ??? time and time and time again
            turning and turning and turning and burning Luc Van Acker Luc
            Van Acker going to chicago levee breaks so does your head ???
            in the man's ??? do you think it's time to go t bed or have
            ??? your fucking head levee breaks so does your head hey
            where i that ??? you know what they say it's time to mate ???
            next time melt the fus ??? i don't know what somebody said
            that this one ?i know what they said? wh is my ??? the jokes
            on you HAHAHAHAHAH the joke HAHAHAHAHAH come here look what
            happens we come ??? HAHAHAHAHAH

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