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One Time One Place

(transcription one...)

in the rain collapse cross out which way we'll go (??) the
ever last while the wind attacks the past truth and times so
shallow develop an attitude more time decay lapse in fortify
the self cutter inbred and forever more (whispers something
??) faith bleeding eyes conjure pain distant do distant blood
life take away cold the war fast forward owning
self-destruction and all achieve a missile tests mortifying
flash huddles 'round the radio and tube console to control
lives are the arm (alive saw the arm?) levels of toxic waste
disgrace intolerant all that's been done built up for a
future race that's never won faith from god meet the maker's
face distant book in time forever hate that's mine blown fuse
shortens with man's (a mad?) progression decipher what's
relative legal beaurocrat push us with a tender finger whose
politics are those with an X man overcame further as you left
him blind two gaping holes undriven carnivore nature's regret
of all things brutalised and can it be that need no (???) on
our way faith blood make face visionary (????) that's all
there is in a gleam halo all jaded weakness corruption runs
harmonious begin by extremes doorway extinction resist
repression is based on god for a length of time full of
elemental powers inbred and no brilliance no fortune could
buy this power

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