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God's Gift (Maggot)

to a life left screaming cry this holy god mercury to no
degree early lies to blaspheme eye sky skies limit deceiving
in this darkened splay growing back at the invoid you're
bloody righteous declare the light wounding forever judgement
of his righteousness certain man feel the pain fighting back
name ruler the (???) the gentle black we're falling down nuns
in ice maggots fill the brain (??) falling down falling (??)
rain rain atomic rain all is law in the power of god (??)
lies a scream neptune bedroom with a grin where the messiuer
walks down the phantoms living out miseries it's on god's
gift maggots i saw it heal the fate no less then back again
open wound in a splash on the side mouthwash god gave us
maggots (???)

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