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Love cannot attatch itself to binding ugliness
Rot in silence to advise (life) the pointed hand
Difference (??? of ???) (love?) each other's (needs?)
Dressing up false kindness create empathy

Hungry lopside name your game
Feelings feeling sorry that I ever came
(Dissolve say something taste nothing corporate nothing)
this last last bit seems to be several different lines
layered over one another. This is my best attempt at sorting
out the sonic mess.

Lost cause pull the cord a choice with politics
Open your eyes to verify the life experience
Practicioner of medicine (belong?) up 'til the end
Bringing hope (discuss a point?) extend eternity

Execute economic slave
(fill it? kill it?) unearthly remains
Freedom as an offering
(ask again?)

Flesh and bone tried to sell ancient monuments
(Pacifies a speratist?) unheard violence
(The puncture from?) a great revenge (fall magistrate?)
Giving up claims it's right value ecstacy

Hungry lopside name your game
Feelings feeling sorry that I ever came
Sugar and water dissolved to taste sweet nothing

Boils (with?) hanger pick vomit hanging out
Brings a smile like a shroud pain is my job
retaliates expressing glee decides it's what it seems
(Get off playing purposes?) enter concrete

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