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(transcription one....)

flesh makes a stretch through the hoop again no faults
nothing ever gained livid fear, our time has come about what
was believed now turned inside out drastic hate, frantic air
growing up while inching near a reason no throwing back down
in it's place cutting in with open space cancer in each new
cell rotting food left on the shelf

alive yet unaware asking do you really care
Nivek, regard with care witness our philosophy

melting features came to the light remains burn out comes
rushing back again cold claws lifeless abject hate power
unleashed a vagrant mind in bits grasping for warm embrace
detest all views of place remember...

alive yet unaware asking do you really care alive alive

exiting crystal set view left below no truth now burning
bright inside absinthe grows cold open scar on the wall
disregarded no bitter rotten flames rip and follow break
through never saw this inching near enough fleeting, the
image cracks ripping past the frame love's never came
wrapping the face dripping blade in love receding wrenching
the image cell who will decide what goals we set

alive yet unaware asking do you really care

listen as the hours pass back on the bridge again rebuild
nothing's quite the same slipped poison cancer central brain
retracing he steps so easily mislaid knife in my hand so
don't you make demands discorse at times or is it just in my

alive yet unaware asking do you really care oh my god my god
help me god help me (screams) witness eyes eyes reveal
witness eyes eyes quickening

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