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And I dont know how it goes.
I've found another way though.
Tells us all it knows.
I've finally caught a deal.
Your face above fades out all the reels.
Faces all there is.
UhOh. Theres a spot in my eye.
Theres a pill I have I have missed.
The cloves of garlic flow like surfing down Pompeii.
I'm messing up your show.
You really should have guessed.
The only spark I need.
If I could reach your throat I could strangle you all.
Did I say that out loud?
Although it passed the mail, it blew a fuse and bailed.
Its too blue to be ours.
And though it passed as red,
It's too far of and best guess has it soaked at home.
And this little red book knows.
It's become my every day.
I've taped over your show.
And though the text was fed,
Too obvious, they said, and moved it underground.
Between the lines they met like sulfur burns
They spread too angry to go out.
Light my heart
Make me burn out like your name.

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