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Here are the top ten reasons _not_ to switch to qmail.

10. You rely on Sendmail's special features, such as using it to gain
access to the root account when you forget the root password.

9. Having the CPU pegged at 100% all the time allows the server to double
as a coffee warmer.

8. Afraid that users might use the disk space freed (when you delete
Sendmail and replace it with qmail) to start a porno server.

7. Everyone who has ever touched your system's file has died
soon after under mysterious circumstances,

6. If you collect one more Sendmail bug-of-the-month, you win a free

5. Could no longer use handy excuse: "Oh, I didn't get your email;
Sendmail must've eaten it."

4. Warm feeling your users get from hard-to-decipher failure messages.

3. You refuse to install anything you're not sure how to pronounce.

2. Eric Allman hypnotized you, and now you're convinced they just found
The Last Bug.

And, the number one reason for not switching to qmail:

1. You'd miss that good ole' Sendmail cruftiness.

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