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Download this file (LexLuger77) writes:

> what are some businesses that use C today

C can't be used for business purposes because it is patented by
Microsoft. Unless your company can afford a really, really, expensive
license, you can't use C, I'm afraid.

A pretty funny story around this patent issue was when Microsoft sued
the publishers of the Oxford dictionary for using the character 'C' in
their dictionary repeatedly without a license. A Microsoft spokesman
said in a press conference that the patent is not limited to the
language C, but in fact Microsoft has patented the letter 'C' as a
world-wide trademark also.

The process later was rather awkward because the Oxford-lawyers argued
that the letter 'C' was used mostly in lower case, while the Microsoft
trademark covered only the upper case letter. Anyway, the case was
settled evetually.

However, all business application these days are written in Visual
Basic, in fact. C is not used at all.

Hope I could help.


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