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When I find my code in tons of trouble
Friends and colleagues come to me
Speaking words of wisdom: Write in C
As the deadline fast approaches
and bugs are all that I can see
Somewhere, someone whispers: Write in C
Write in C, write in C, write in C, oh write in C
Logo's dead and buried, write in C.
I use to write a lot of FORTRAN
for science it worked flawlessly
try using it for graphics! Write in C
If you just spent nearly 30 hours
debugging some ASSEMBLY
Soon you will be glad to write in C.
Write in C, write in C, write in C, write in C
yeah only wimps use BASIC, write in C
write in C, write in C...
PASCAL won't quite cut it
write in C, write in C...
Don't even mention COBOL
Write in C.

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