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In response to the question "Why is there corporate corruption?", Mr. Rogers replied: "Well, what do you think it is that drives people to want far more than they could ever use or need? I frankly think it's insecurity. How do we let the world know that the trappings of this life are not the things that are ultimately important for being accepted? That's what I've tried to do all through the years with the Neighborhood. You know, it's you I like. It's not the things you wear. It's not the way you do your hair. But, it's you I like. The way you are right now. The way down deep inside you. Not the things that hide you. Not your fancy toys, they're just beside you. But, it's you I like. I hope that you'll remember, even when you're feeling blue, that it's you I like. It's you yourself. It's you."