E. Vargo S. Rudiman

Arising from the post industrial-mined landscape of North Eastern Pennsylvania, T.H.D. (Total Harmonic Distortion) was conceived in 1989 in its most basic form by S. Rudiman and E. Vargo. This cooperative effort started out of disgust with the collapsing American electronic scene and also allowed for the experimentation of translating human ideas to machine electronics. As with anything unfamiliar, T.H.D. learned the fundamentals and basics first. This led to the practice of using all resources to their maximum and fullest extent, which is still the core of T.H.D.'s methodology. Having some early recorded material, T.H.D. continued to evolve and met with A. Kane of G.P.C. Productions.

By meeting and learning from A. Kane, the project known as "Teknition" was formed. This led to the first publicly released material, "Teknition: Machine Religion" on Kane's own G.P.C. label. Teknition became a cult favorite in the underground electronic scene and still generates some interest. That interest was also captured on the "Man Is The Animal" track of the "Cyberflesh Conspiracy" CD compilation released by If It Moves Records. Teknition also appeared on many cassette compilations in North America. Recording music as Teknition involved travel and not enough time to work on new material, so S. Rudiman and E. Vargo focused their efforts on a sound truer to their current beliefs and that was the birth of T.H.D.

T.H.D. became more involved with technology and all its benefits. These benefits allowed for the cassette release of "Rigid Fixation" which was recorded entirely on hard disk at Acceleration Studios in Philadelphia. T.H.D. acquired the growing desire to absorb technology (both new and old) and to utilize it in their efforts. The formula of learning and manipulating machines efficiently has allowed T.H.D. to totally believe in their work. From this belief others were noticing in the United States, as well as Europe, that T.H.D. was a recognizable force in the electronic scene and led to the signing with Hard Records of Denmark.

In the Fall of 1993, T.H.D. released the debut CD "Mechanical Advantage" on Hard Records. The debut was well received in Europe for its aggressive, intelligent and somewhat melodic approach to electronic music. A few months after the release of "Mechanical Advantage", Hard Records released the much heralded "The Digital Space Between" compilation, which put T.H.D. on a release with such heavyweight electronic artists, such as, Front 242, Skinny Puppy, Clock DVA, Dive, Insekt and other known artists. In the Spring of 1994, Cleopatra Records licensed "Mechanical Advantage" for distribution in the United States, as well as, any other countries not supported by Hard Records. Cleopatra also included T.H.D. on their 2 Disc "Industrial Revolution Vol. 2" compilation. This dual distribution, along with a strong debut release and appearances on two impressive compilations, helped T.H.D. achieve a continually expanding audience.

THD In Action Sometime after the release of "Mechanical Advantage", T.H.D. became known as "Gearheads", because of its infatuation with the purchasing and using of electronic instruments whenever possible. This infatuation with equipment allowed T.H.D. to further develop its skills in the studio, by opening avenues before never possible with their existing gear. As always, T.H.D. applied this new knowledge and skill to whatever was happening at that time, constantly trying to improve and create their own sound. During this "between release" period, T.H.D. accomplished two major achievements: Remix Opportunities and Artist Networking. Remix opportunities began when T.H.D. decided to completely remix the "Hypo" track off "Mechanical Advantage". The remix E.P. was a Hard Records only release called "Hypocrisis". This E.P. did very well in Europe and helped further proveT.H.D. was capable of delivering quality, electronic music. This E.P. coupled with T.H.D. communicating with other artists, became the beginning of a continuing opportunity to remix other artists' work, such as Penal Colony, Birmingham 6, Christian Death and Psychic TV.

While working on remixes, T.H.D. was also busy creating the next full length release called "Outside In", which was simultaneously released worldwide through Hard/Cleopatra Records on November 11, 1995. "Outside In" was a turning point in the musical workings of T.H.D. This release was motivated by feelings and the environment surrounding T.H.D. instead of delivering formulated music to fit a certain category or mold. This new philosophy continues with the current, new material and allows T.H.D. to create music accepted by themselves and hopefully those who get to listen.

THD Uses The Following Equipment

Akai XE-8 Alesis HR-16B Boss DR-55 Boss DR-110
Boss HC-2 Boss PC-2 Kawai XD-5 Korg KPR-77
Korg MR-16 Korg Rhythm 55 Oberheim DMX Olson X-81
Roland CR-78 Roland CR-8000 Maestro Rhtyhm King Roland PB-300
Roland TR-77 Roland TR-606 Roland TR-808
Roland TR-909 SCI Drumtraks SCI Studio 440 Simmons SDS V
Soundmaster SR-88 Tama TSQ-1000 Tronix RB-1 SR-95
Univox SR-120 Yamaha MR-10 Yamaha RX-5

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