Homes & Gardens
1. Haujobb's State
2. Maternal Instinct
3. Yearning
4. Eye Over You
5. Final Race
6. Kilo-Cycle Respirator
7. Tame
8. Slugbait
9. The Flood
10. Homes & Gardens (MY-1)
11. Skull Fission XXX
12. Mediaeval
13. Homes & Gardens (Optimized v1.2) [DOMESTIC]
14. Skull Fission (not silent) [DOMESTIC]
For Those Of You Interested, Isolation Tank Still Has The Ltd. Ed. Domestic

Eye Over You
  1. Eye Over You (Extended Surveilance Mix)
  2. Sepsis
  3. Friction
  4. Eye Over You (Reconstructed/by Clock DVA)

Freeze Frame Reality
1. Solid State Logic
2. Dream Aid
3. Consciousness
4. Perfect Average
5. Nezzwerk
6. Trivial
7. World Window
8. Cold Comfort
9. Analysis
10. Sensor
11. Yearning (Chameleon Mix/Mentallo)
This track is exclusive to the Domestic version of Freeze Frame Reality.

1. Dream aid - part 1 (high frequent) [5:42:18]
2. Dream aid - part 2 (low frequent) [2:05:02]
3. Cold comfort (Scrap Yard) [5:52:22]
4. Dream Aid (Different Species) [4:34:08]
5. Cold Comfort (Frozen) [8:24:26]
6. Yearning (Submerged) [4:50:17]
7. A4 - Main Title [4:02:27]
8. Eye Over You CD5 [DOMESTIC]
9. Manifestation from Dream Injection 2 Comp. [DOMESTIC]

Cleaned Visions
1. Radio-Active [4:19]
2. Extended Radiation [5:09]
3. RMX (by Scope) [5:46]
4. Net Culture (Instrumental) [4:33]
5. Net Culture (File Operation Error)

Other Unsorted Stuff:

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DEVICE (ex-Haujobb member's band)

Will be ambient electro with some intelligent use of guitar

new full-length haujobb cd [import]
OFFBEAT mid-1996, maybe Metropolis in the US

unknown material

Daniel's techno band with A. Meyer (FORMA TADRE)
ZOTH OMMOG? or OFFBEAT? Sometime in 1996?

We can only wait... In the meantime, check out the NEWT remix on Download's Microscopic CD5 or Forma Tadre's new CD!

haujobb split remix ep with :WUMPSCUT:

It's done! 21st Circuitry will be selling this in the US soon!

1. Consciousness (:wumpscut: remix) Thought Combattery1 1. World Window (:wumpscut: remix) Fusion Mix
2. Nezzwerk (:wumpscut: remix) Full Access Mix
3. In The Night (haujobb remix) Enhanced Vision
4. Die In Winter (haujobb remix) Season Change:Springtime
6. Mother (haujobb remix) Oral Staircase

Remix of FLA's "Plasticity" single

Available now as an import. Domestically on Metropolis by early April
1. Plasticity - Zero Mix

Dream Injection 2 compilation
haujobb - new song called manifestation

Tyranny OFF the BEAT 2
OFFBEAT 1995/Cleopatra?

haujobb remix of Download, more haujobb.
1. Attalal (Coming Out On New Download Mini-CD "Sidewinder")

Remix of Download's "Mothersonne", on Microscopic CD5
Nettwerk or Cleopatra 1995

3. Mothersonne - NEWT remix (actually just Daniel of haujobb this time)

Remix of FLA's "Circuitry" single

5. Circuitry (Complexity Mix) [7:12]

There Is No Time
RAS DVA 1995

CD3 13. Maternal Instinct (looks like album version) - 3:46

Tyranny OFF the BEAT
CLEO 9559-2

1. Haujobb's State (minus opening subsonics) - 5:30
2. World Window (Transparent Mix) - 4:44

We Came To Dance VII
Sub Terranean 1995
SPV 084-38392

World Window (Album Version) 5:00

remixed Steril's "The Ascend"

Celtic Circle Sampler 2
CCP 014

CD1 15. Maternal Instinct (Fragile Mix) - 3:45

Sub Terranean 1994
SPV DCD 085-38942

CD2 3. Homes & Gardens (Optimized Mix) - 5:37

We Came To Dance V
Sub Terranean 1994
SPV 084-38972

Eye Over You (Rhythm Focus Mix) 3:52

Body Rapture 3
CD ZOT 110

12. Slugbait (Album Version) - 4:46

We Came To Dance 2
Sub Terranean
SPV 084-38822

Homes & Gardens (Sleeping Room Mix) - 5:33

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