I've waited along time now to see your face to hold you close and assimilate you're what I've dreamed of a similar soul the answer to my prayers we the perfect whole where did you learn how to love not programmed by machines but being of pulling so much closer to what I need an all to tight connection is what I see robotika smooth cold hands that hold my body total logic binds us tight your ageless eyes sparkle in the light the need to join together grabs us both inside to be one forever try and fantasize your my perfect lover it's all to true you're the telecom venus anything for you sex and technology I'm your fool you're my home computer what can I do once we complete the exchange we're virtually the same a duplicate of emotion identical to remain I can see the display now I can see your face a digital image of hand and glove lost fast but slow to cum binary language can that spell love one zero one million coded words

Robotika is about emotional/sexual interaction in the information age we live in. cybersex, netsex and even phone sex... They all are only the beginning. What will happen when touch can be transmitted and received over fiberoptic lines? It may have a very big impact on social taboos and "rules" concerning why those rules are there.