I see the sunset on another day and the tension pounds harder in my brain I've reached my limit to things I can take and the animal inside is what I have to face no reasons slipping giving all away as my conscience turns lovingly to rage I wanna reach out and destroy my self in vain and embrace softly all the growing pain I'm gonna be there when you open your eyes I'm what's hidden on the inside I'm gonna be there when you close your mind grabbing hold in the mean time I gonna be there when they close your eyes my malice shows on the outside I'm gonna be the one to end your life I will the be the one who gets my release destruction death rape and hate are brought to the surface for my gain your life is nothing but mine to take and I've no remorse about my fate a blinding blurring burning rage has wiped out all my tries to regain I am what you try to deny just let go and see through my eyes

Every human being is capable of horrible acts. It is there inside us waiting for whatever the key is to unlock it. It's a part of us and our nature that some deny. I do not. Everyone has a breaking point, and past that I think you enter the area that this song hits on... hopefully none of us will hit it.