Outside In

welcome to our time we see many things-chemicals and trash to keep dancing with our dreams and needs along our way like rats in a giant maze watch form the sidelines keeping safety close behind not looking very far ahead with closed eyes and cardboard homes we keep time on a digital watching video junkies living life through media tv drool drips and they shoot up some more news to make your life feel better at least a little bit and we look from the outside in living on the fringe stealing time and little toys watching all the games played drawing conclusions big connections spiders web of interactions the big picture and how it fits in this reality all the while being marketed being packaged assimilated into a system that's caving in giving way changing in formation superhighways wasted like children's candy in their sloppy hands we lift our eyes form the past to the future but not too far ahead.

A general overview of how we see life today, and a sort of all encompassing introduction to the mood of the entire release.