Outside In

layers of concrete lie between me and my love staring back how will she ever know so many times the horror and ecstacy i remain cold taken back by her warming glow from my childhood I've dreamed to feel her close a total merging almost to liquid form I can only hope when we join she feels the same the fusion of our very souls I look to the sky's and all I see is neon my mind drifts holding tight the afterglow pollution clouds reflecting only neon lighting the night and pulling my future close pulled apart the passion of energy sexual heat of fission quickly comes over me is she still there lost in her reaction world burning inside with structure splitting at every seam I struggle now hard to control reactions reason slipping counting down to zero time when we go together we'll always be energy's growing pulling us tight we're almost one now take to full extremes i fee her there burning like a thousand suns all my life she's been with me my greatest fear and my greatest hope

growing up in the 80's I was very scared of being blown to hell by a nuclear war, and at the same time discovering sexuality. weird combination. but it lead to destruction by atomic power and sex and love being lumped into the same mental category for me. That's what this is about, a "love song for an atomic death".