Master Chemist

open your eyes to what you need the release from your troubles to be free of the body and "expand your mind" unlock the doors let's see what's inside curiosity will bind you tight a total experience of sound and sight another world awaits your call colours change as the nighttime falls I'm the one who designs what you need the creator of your fantastic dreams I'm the god who's eyes are your sky a religion of chemicals and sterile minds I'm the demon who makes what you see summoned up by your own pleas I'm the one who holds all of the keys but without you I'm nothing at all now you know what it's all about a changing faceless flowing out moving blurring feeling so alive standing still in speeding time coaxed from you with chemicals ties the altered states of your pathetic lives one last visit and soon you'll be free from understanding reality

my view on the world of hallucinogenic or euphoric drugs and a look at the relationship between the chemist and the user. I myself have not and do not use drugs for any reason other than medical care. I have no need for them.