woke up this morning and found my self awareness washed away into a perfect world I'm content to live my life this way in a dreamland of 90210 opinionless on things that affect me they'll go away if I just ignore but what I can't see is my own sad death from a life of apathy I live my life in the darkness I live my life on the tv and I don't care what's around me because I'm sinking in apathy wow I'm back again locked in another day my life is boredom but hey it's ok it's nice here not straying too far safe in the middle away from the edge nothing really affects me it's all too big there's nothing I can do so I'll just sit back and do what I'm told cuz it's too hard to think for myself this is it my life's over now haven't done much but hey it's ok I still don't care it's all the same to me I really don't give a f---

A very sarcastic and "tongue in cheek" song... taking on the persona of some people. basically about their apathy.