Thanks go out to the following people:

First off, I'd like to thank Kevin Archibald ( for maintaining the page until now. He's done an incredible job and I only hope I can keep up his outstanding work!
Thanks for letting me host the page! Good luck in the marriage! :)

Thank-You's From Kevin:

Haujobb - for the INCREDIBLE work!
yugo yodogawa - discog help
gunnar bali - cds, inspiration and solidarity
dave hopman - discog help, support and good times
bobby silver - for crying out loud interviews
jester - haujobb photos and interview
tobias walkowiak - fanclub info
marinex - haujobb soundfiles (it's not easy folks!)
maziar momeni - for kind words, haujobb pictures and soundfiles.
ric laciak - cue! zine from way back (photo), supporting the scene
erik hillard - graphic art/kindred spirit (just think-it all started with gracious shades!)
kinzy jones - discog help, kind words
andreas starosta - killer german info (keep it coming!)
silver - lots of haujobb discog help, band info, mucho appreciado!
mark sisson - help with haujobb reviews
cenotaph - xmtp live tape and photos!
a meir - haujobb bio and discog corrections
industrial nation - haujobb review reprint permission
richard allen - haujobb review
tom shear - haujobb review
dora mitchell - haujobb sample help
the crewzine staff - xmtp concert review and bleeding edge info
zoth ommog, offbeat, danse macabre, ausfahrt

Additionally, I would like to thank the following people for helping out:

Neil & Mark at Isolation Tank - for discog info, CD-scans, the CDs, and information about Haujobb
Pendragon Records - domestic importer for Haujobb
Kenny Woelpper - even MORE discog help, buying tickets for the Numb/FLA concert :)