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I am arranging an interview (through Pendragon Records & Isolation Tank) with Haujobb! More information to come as soon as I get it!!

Here's a brief look at the band:

Original Members:

Daniel Meier

Age: 23
Formal Occupation: None, other than used to dj at PC 69, Bielefeld.
Duties: Singer, larger song structure, melodies, rhythms

Dejan Samardzik

Age: 24
Formal Occupation: Unknown
Duties: Main musical person, small pieces, knows equipment the best, the person who makes Haujobb unique.

Bjoern Juenemann

Age: 22
Formal Occupation: Economics student
Duties: Sample manipulation

Current members

Daniel and Dejan

What has happened to Bjoern?

He and his brother have started a new EBM band called DEVICE. It will be electronic but intelligently mix in guitar. Bjoern is in charge of sounds, while his brother writes the melodies. They don't have a contract or any material recorded yet.

What inspires Haujobb?

Movies, ie the Blade Runner and Alien series.

What does "Haujobb" mean?

The name definitely comes from the German version of the movie Blade Runner. However, at this point there is controversy on whether the translation is correct or whether the band has misunderstood the dialogue. The band got the name from the slang term for replicant, "Skin Job", that Bryant used in the book and movie (and referred to in the new KW Jeter "Blade Runner 2" book). However, the correct German word would be "Hautjobb" with a "t". Either the band did not hear the "t" in the film or the translation was poor. Without the "t", "Haujobb" means Hitjob, which still makes sense to Americans, as Deckard is making hitjobs on the replicants and a murdered replicant can be referred to as a hitjob. This controversy has been relayed to the fanclub and hopefully we'll hear more about this later.